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Arda Güler’s performance against Sevilla was really impressive. Despite his team’s elimination from the Europa League, the 18-year-old showed tremendous potential and talent on the pitch.

Even Güler’s teammate Mesut Özil compared him to himself and made it clear that he sees a bright future for the youngster. Guler’s ability to win free kicks and his strong defensive efforts were noticeable throughout the match. Overall, Güler’s contribution to the game was greatly appreciated and it is clear that he has a promising career ahead of him.

Fenerbahçe’s 18-year-old talent Arda Güler is turning heads with his performances on the pitch. In the last game against Sevilla, Arda got the chance to start and he did not disappoint.

Although his team was eliminated, Arda’s performance was highly appreciated by both fans and players. His speed, skill and composure on the ball was impressive, especially for someone so young. Arda clearly has a bright future ahead of him and with the support of his teammates and coach he has the potential to become a star player on the pitch.

Fenerbahçe’s 1 – 0 win against Sevilla was not enough to advance.

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