Are Charli D’Amelio and Travis Barker’s Son Landon Dating?

According to People Magazine, are Charlie Dimillion and Travis Parker’s son Landon dating, the tick-tack star and Blink 182 rocker’s son spending time together quote They see each other and an insider said the exit fired the couple for the first time, from Landon’s concert earlier this month.

Are Charli D'Amelio and Travis Barker's Son Landon Dating?

The dating rumors when they were photographed dating together kept swirling when both shared Instagram stories of new tattoos from the same artists last week. The spotlight musician hasn’t been in contact with anyone for the past few years.

Charlie was previously linked to tick-tock star Chase Hudson aka Littleheady in December 2019. Since you’ve been watching me and Chase’s relationship from the beginning, I decided that I should tell you we’re not anymore. It hurts me to say this all together but we decided it was the best for both of us because Split Charlie’s career continued to skyrocket as he and his family started filming the demilio show, the hulu reality show that premiered last fall.

The 18-year-old and her family chatted with Access Hollywood about their new show and explained why it’s important to emphasize mental health on the show. I thought it was really important that we got that thing even though it was uncomfortable at the time but um, I’m so happy with everything that’s out there and that’s what we wanted to focus on because it was a part of our lives.

Talking about all lives and mental health and we just want people to see that everything is negative, we don’t focus on the negative, we try not to focus on the negative but it’s there, so we want to show the good and the bad. It was probably quite therapeutic to go through that too, and they always had the final say in whether you knew if something was being filmed that was very emotional and difficult for them at the time, if they wanted the cameras in the room, or if it was filmed later.

The truth is, are you sure you want to share this, it’s very personal and that’s why they held those cards and they were open to sharing because I thought it was important to you.

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