FIFA 23 Face Pack PC Free Access Available Now Tutorial Video

FIFA 23 Face Pack has now been released by a user named SidausXD.

This time I’m here to share a tutorial on how to install the FCB17 Facepack.This incredible mod was created by the talented team at FCB17 and allows you to update your game with new and improved faces for your favorite players. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

FIFA 23 Face Pack PC Free Access Available Now Tutorial Video

Preview and Installation Video of the Face Pack for FIFA 23

1) Download FCB17 [FIFA 23] Facepack #1
.zip from the link provided.
2) Follow the FIFA Mod Manager installation steps carefully by watching the video.
3) From the file location, replace it with the Squads file you downloaded from the FIFA 23 settings section.
That’s all! After doing this, you will have successfully installed the FCB17 Facepack mod and you can enjoy playing with improved graphics and more realistic characters. Thanks again to FCB17 for creating such a great mod!

How to add the FIFA 23 Face Pack to your Squad?

After i apply the squad file, the faces are all changed.

Is FIFA 23 Face Pack Added to Career Mode?

Watch from 10.40 onwards and you will know the answer to the question.

Do you like this face mod patch for FIFA 23?

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