A free Luke Shaw FIFA 23 Face Mod has become popular on Twitter

Twitter user @astramr11 recently shared Luke Shaw’s FIFA 23 face mod and it’s gaining popularity. This mod allows you to have Luke Shaw’s face in FIFA 23. Many people asked for a link to download this mod and @astramr11 was kind enough to share it. This mod is a must-have for any FIFA 23 player and is sure to improve your gameplay.

Luke Shaw FIFA 23 Face Mod

A Twitter user named Astra Muhammad Ridho recently shared the Luke Shaw FIFA face mod and you can download it for free.

Luke Shaw FIFA 23 Face Mod

You can find the download link by viewing the Luke Shaw FIFA 23 face mod tweet.

This FIFA face mod, shared on November 3, has received 107 likes so far.

This mod is very popular and many people want it. The face mode is very realistic and looks just like the real Luke Shaw. It’s great that the mod is free for everyone.

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