Nene Dorgeles FIFA 23 Face MOD Popular on Twitter

Canfaces has released its newly created Nene Dorgeles FIFA 23 face mod. This mod is sure to add an extra layer of realism for fans of the game as it includes the latest face scans for officially licensed teams and players.

nene dorgeles fifa 23

Nene Dorgeles plays as an offensive midfielder in Westerlo and was given 65 ratings and 78 potential in FIFA 23. This makes it a great option for those looking to add some extra realism to their suit. With this mod, fans of the game will be able to enjoy seeing Dorgeles in action and also appreciate the attention to detail put into his creation.

Gameplay footage of what the player looks like.

Nene Dorgeles FIFA 23 Face MOD

FIFA 23 face mod has been revealed for the computer version of the Westerlo fan-favorite football player. Nene Dorgeles FIFA 23 face mod review.

You can download this mod with support for only 4 dollars. With this mod, players will be able to see Dorgeles’ latest face scan in FIFA 23. This is a great mod for FIFA 23 fans who want the most accurate and realistic experience possible.

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