Today we’re talking about the things I hate in FIFA 23 career mode. This year, it’s one of my favorite videos to make. Every year I get to vent, I get to release some frustration out on this mode. We’re going to be talking about a few things that annoy me and a few things EA could do better in the future.

6 Things You'll Hate in FIFA 23 Career Mode

6 Things You’ll Hate in FIFA 23 Career Mode

I came across a video publisher named VapexKarma, and there are a lot of things that justify it.

Another thing I don’t like in crew mode this year is the newspaper bugs.

So let’s say we have the current stadium that we picked from season one. Let’s say you could upgrade the stands. Now, you made a bit of money throughout the season. Imagine if you could upgrade individual stands instead of just the seat color and the stadium color. It would have been nice. Instead, the only way to upgrade your ground is to completely change it.

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