Serdar Aziz

Serdar Aziz, who played his 100th match against Başakşehir, became the team against which Fenerbahçe had the most rivals in his career. 7 matches. Fenerbahçe did not lose in 82% of the matches played by Aziz.

Serdar Aziz vs. Basaksehir

Who is Serdar Aziz?

Aziz was born in Osmangazi, Bursa. His father was born in Macedonia but is of Turkish origin. His mother was also born in Bursa.

Aziz’s father was an amateur football player in Bursa.

When Aziz was 10 years old, he started going to football school in Bursa. He signed a youth contract with Bursaspor. Aziz played in the midfield due to his short stature. However, Aziz’s coach decided to play in the defence, as Aziz did not have the technique to play in the midfield.

In 2006, Raşit Çetiner called him to the squad.

He was loaned to Merinosspor for one year in the 2007-2008 season.

He played his first league match against Fenerbahçe on 25 October 2008. The match ended in a 5-2 defeat.

He currently plays for Fenerbahçe.


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