Trending 2 on Netflix : Carter Movie Review

Carter movie review: Starring Joo Won as an amnesiac covert agent, Netflix’s Korean activity movie is almost unwatchable due to chief Jung Byung-gil’s bewildering visual style.The actor will be playing the titular role of Carter a former private investigator who now works as a security guard. When he is hired to look into the death of a young girl Carter finds himself plunged into a dark and dangerous world.

Joo Won will be starring in the new Netflix movie ‘Carter’!

Trending 2 on Netflix : Carter Movie Review

The actor will play the titular character an ex-detective who finds himself caught up in a web of crime and corruption after he takes on a case that was closed years ago.

Carter Movie Review

A man who wakes up with a memory loss is thrown into a dangerous hostage rescue operation, following the instructions of a mysterious sound coming from the device in his ear.

Netflix has delivered numerous spectacular, activity filled wordy series this year, including All of Us Are Dead and Money Heist: Korea. Yet, its next huge activity piece is a film, Carter, which stars Joo Won in the main job. The typically well put together heart breaker picture of Joo Won goes through a surprising change here into the rough, miscreant like Carter (the namesake of the film’s title). Carter is coordinated by Jung Byung-gil, who has made his profession out of his adapted, super charged activity course in films like The Villainess (2017) and Confession of Murder (2012).

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