How Does Philo TV Work?

I Just Discovered & Joined Philo TV For $25.00 Per Month ( 60 Plus Channels)

How Much Is Philo TV?

Philo Is Just As Good & $40.00 Cheaper ( Search For The “ Philo “ App On Your Smart TV … This TV Service Is Awesome

As with the subscription to the popular streaming service, whether Philo TV is worth it depends on your personal preferences and viewing habits. The lack of local and sports-centric channels are the biggest potential downsides, but if you get your news elsewhere (podcasts, newspapers, radio, and online) and have other sports-forward streaming subscriptions, Philo TV may be a good option. 

So, Is Philo TV Good?

Favorite channels: Provides access to many famous networks including Philo, Comedy Central, AMC, Paramount, MTV, TLC, Discovery, Food Network and Nickelodeon. Currently, Philo's library includes the following channels:

Cloud DVR, Multiple Streams, Compatible Streaming Devices are the most common features.

Philo Specs & Features  

Philo Streaming Pros: Super affordable pricing.Channels that are unavailable elsewhere.Unlimited cloud DVR.

Philo Streaming Cons:  No Sports channels. No local channels. Limited add ons and upgrades.


If entertainment is what you need, do you think Philo TV is worth buying?


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