Buffalo Bills' Jordan Poyer and Von Miller: "Played our style of defense"

I've got a lot of room for Derek tonight after the rush lanes. He's a natural focus, but what do you guys do to squeeze those down and kind of keep them heavy?

Well, look no further.

Oh, we just played our style of defense. We had so much respect for Derek and that whole offense, that whole ring game, that whole passing game for Ryan Tannehill, that we really didn't leave any tea uncrossed or any eyes uncrossed.

You know um, coach Frazier, coach Washington, coach McDermott did a really good job of keeping everybody focused for this game. 

We were able to make plays on the ball and capitalize on opportunities, and Matt had a great play taking a pick to the house, so we just want to keep doing that contract situation. It feels good to win. I mean, anytime you come out on the field and.

What to look for:

It feels good to get a win over the guys you work hard with throughout the week and off season. You see Mike today and not only do you see your friends and teammates that way, but then you have to turn right around and get playing. 

What was it like out there tonight? Yeah, it was a weird game wasn't it? I think early on, on the first kickoff, a guy went down, there were a couple of guys that went down, Michelin down. 

So it was just kind of a weird game with a bunch of guys going down, but obviously you never want to see anybody go down. As a matter of fact, your own teammates go down in the fashion that they went down. Not sure what happened.

What to look for:

I texted Michael and he said he's fine Dane said he's fine too, so you know, you're just praying for these guys and like I said, you never want to see this. You never want to see that happen. It's hard for Matt to get the first one.

Another crazy pick was Matt Milano, he works so hard, he's an incredible player man, and whenever you see guys have success like that, it's just super cool. What was it like to be in the bills? 

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