El Rey, Vicente Fernández Netflix Series Review

Netflix continues to strengthen its International growth strategy with more local content designed to appeal to audiences in various global markets El Rey Vicente Fernandez is the brand new Spanish TV series on Netflix.

The new series will consist of 15 episodes that will cover different parts of the life story of music artists who do not like a goodbye during the first season.

Epic named after his Breakthrough song This Netflix drama follows the story of Mexican musician Vicente Fernandez whose songs are considered the basis of modern Mexican music with a rich and varied life that comprises four Grammys.

Singer also known as Chente is brought alive in this upcoming Netflix TV series following the real life story of the music legend who went by various nicknames and was also known as the king of ranchera in Latin America Netflix brings us the Journey of the Mexican Musical.

Cultural maestro a glossy colorful period drama with the usual biopic tropes this looks like a must-watch series for fans of el Rey's music and Mexican folk music in general.

From the trailer it appears that the show will focus on Fernandez's rise through the ranks and his early success before pivoting to his mid-career slump and subsequent Revival with 15 episodes to tell its story. 

And that implies that the makers, Dago García and Jhonny Alexander Ortiz, will take as much time as is needed recounting Chente's story. That is the thing we find in the main episode, which returns and forward generally somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1966.

Yet, it appears to be that, considering the way in which the show will focus on his life as a youngster and the early piece of his profession, we may not see a ton of Camil until episode 13 or somewhere in the vicinity.

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