Europe's Most Affordable Family Destinations 2022


Latvia nestled between Estonia and Lithuania this northern.With a population of under 2 million, its under-recognized situation works to its advantage, making it by far the most populous country in Europe and also far from the most expensive.


Turkey probably isn't the first European destination that comes to mind just because it's not a European country, but it's not Constantinople. Istanbul has a long and storied European history and Turkey continues to be an incredible tourist destination despite its classic woes.


Bordering Italy and Austria one can imagine how a small country like Slovenia might fall through the cracks while those with cash to burn will likely be drawn to its flashier neighbors penny squeezing tourists won't at all feel like they're settling for less appeal 


Most students flock to Florida during spring break in Poland, if wild parties aren't your thing, can we recommend Poland as an alternative, if not a traditional spring break destination?


Czechia bordering poland you'll find the nation formerly known as the Czech Republic a country overflowing with world heritage sites this includes the historic centre of prague which provides a gateway to other wonders like saint vitus cathedral and charles bridge while the sightseeing is technically.


Portugal is among europe's oldest sovereign states time has been more than kind to the country with landmarks like bellen tower and st george's castle enduring for centuries the natural landscapes have aged just as gracefully with pen and agenda national.


Romania is perhaps the most iconic country for bran castle in transylvania, this castle will always be associated with dracula.


Slovakia brings different beauties to its national parks, with winter being the peak season for alpine skiing in the other three seasons.