Fenerbahce News made 24 passes before the third goal, a Video that received 17.5K like

- Dalai Lama

Emre Mor, who scored the last goal in the Fenerbahce Rennes match, became a star in the eyes of his side.

Emre Mor: "If one day I can't excite the fans, I have to quit football that day. I play to make the fans happy."

What did Emre More say after the match?

Ziha, on the other hand, scored a wonderful firikik goal.He made the score come 3-2 and a team with belief appeared.

Photos that you can use as wallpaper during the Fenerbahce 3 Rennes 3 match.

The detail before Emre Mor's goal was very appreciated.

Jorge Jesus was very angry with those who whistled Altay Bayındır and reacted.

Zajc scored a very Decadent goal among those who have not been in the squad for a long time.

The result of the match was Fenerbahce 3 Rennes 3.

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