Why was the Justin Bieber São Paulo concert cancelled?

After his presentation last weekend at the world-renowned Brazilian music festival – Rock in Rio, Justin Bieber cancels part of his world tour leaving a message to his fans:

Why was the Justin Bieber São Paulo concert cancelled?
Justin Bieber had performed at Rock in Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

¨After speaking with my doctors, family and team, I decide to cancel the next concerts. I need a break, because my health is a priority right now¨.

How many times are we not well and continue with all our activities and throwing more and more tasks on our shoulders until the moment when our body and mind become exhausted and we stop completely?

It should not be like that. “Health is a priority” should not be the cliché phrase that we only use when we can’t take it anymore.

In a statement released on Tuesday (6), the singer says he needs “time to rest and improve”.

Earlier this year, the Canadian revealed he had been diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, a condition that causes facial paralysis. The show at Rock in Rio, according to the artist, also contributed to leaving him exhausted.

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